Scalability And Organizational Impact

When leaders create an environment where experimentation, exploration, discovery, creativity and innovation is embraced and nurtured, we are opening the door to make the transition from small pockets to scalability and organizational impact.

Too often, especially in education, we don’t plant enough seeds. We fail to spread enough seeds across the organizational landscape to raise a hardy, let alone varied crop. Instead, we determine up front to plant only one seed.

So we plan and plan in preparation to plant this one big, giant seed, in the hopes that it will grow big enough to support the whole of the organization.

Once we plant that seed, we bring everyone together so that they know that the seed has planted. We require everyone to gather around that one seed, so that everyone can be supportive and pull their resources and efforts towards nurturing that seed to take root and grow.

And if that seed does not begin to take root and grow quickly enough, we push people to step up their efforts towards helping that seed grow. More water, more sun, more fertilizer, more nutrients, more, more, more…

Unfortunately, not much else happens during this time because everyone is focused on whether this one plant will grow and flourish. Their efforts are narrow and limited.

Whereas, if many varied seeds had been planted, there would have been a much better chance of one or many of those seeds taking root and growing. The organization would have been able to not only spread their efforts out, but gained in knowledge and learning from experimenting and seeing what seeds grew best, which seeds grew the strongest, and which seeds took hold the quickest.

As we move forward, we have to determine if we are vainly putting all our efforts into one seed and hoping it is enough for everyone, or are we spreading a variety of seeds to raise a crop that will nourish and grow the whole of the organization for the long term.

All organizations have pockets of creative and innovative excellence, the heavy lifting of leadership is bringing that excellence to scale.

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