The Nonlinear Path

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The nonlinear path always exacts a toll, but pays back exponentially in discovery and learning.

We’ve been programmed as individuals and organizations to be linear, sequential, direct and undeviating.  The quickest and easiest is the best has been entrenched in our DNA.  Years and years of choosing the efficient over the effective has eroded our want or willingness to take the difficult and uncertain path.  Too often we have lost our patience for the long term, as we choose the short term and the instant gratification that accompanies it.

Pioneering new paths requires the endurance and resilience to overcome this mindset.  The road to excellence is never easy, no matter how much we wish for it to be.  And most often, it is neither direct nor linear.  Which is why very few achieve it.

The nonlinear path requires stamina and durability, as you will run into naysayers, ridicule, uncertainty and unknowns around every corner.  But just understand, no short term instant gratification can ever compare to the learning and possible breakthroughs that come from undertaking this journey.

So, the next time you come to the crossroad between easy and excellence, weigh the choice very carefully.  Remember, nothing worth earning ever comes without a cost.


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