Keep Your Head Out Of The Clout!

Face value…


Valuing the face…

Two very immediate and real issues that we face in our modern, media inundated pop culture.  Battered and besieged by the sheer volume of information and data that we come into contact with daily, often it is all we can do just to keep our head above water.  A daily barrage of instant messages, texts, emails, social media, commercials, and on and on it comes.  Unceasingly.  Even when you supposedly “disconnect” – you are most likely just narrowing your pipeline to the connection.

As a survival mechanism, our reflex is often to tread along at a surface level, skimming.  A mechanism to keep us from drowning in this deluge of media information that threatens to engulf and overwhelm us.  A condition and environment that leads to not only choosing one or the other of the two, but both together.

When we value the face…we have tendency to take what they say at face value.  Allowing those with the strongest face value – inside and even outside of their given arena of expertise or knowledge – to drive the messages that influence our culture.

As leaders, it is vital that we stay reflective and aware that this can and does happen.  To us…and to those we lead.  Which is why it is important that we have a clear understanding of our core values…and how those core values connect with and support the vision of our leadership.  A deep clarity of our true north principles.

Otherwise, when we allow face value and valuing the face to contend for our leadership direction…that leadership begins to lose its depth and direction.  It falters.  Jumping from one bandwagon and silver-bullet to the next.  Always looking for the next big thing that will take us to the promised land.  The short-cut to success.  More often than not, causing discord and disorder within the organization, and most times crushing the credibility of the leader.

Leaders must be current.  Stay knowledgeable.  Remain learners.  And be grounded – cognizant of not allowing their own intuition and principles to be easily swayed.  At face value…or by valuing the face.

It takes courage to trust ourselves.  Our gut-feelings.  Our abilities.  To have the faith to hitch our wagon to our own leadership principles, rather than to those of another.  It takes an inner strength and steadiness.

So the next time that promise of the silver-bullet graces your information stream – don’t deny that it exists, just understand that it is found in hard-work, determination, persistence, and the courage to see a vision through.  Neither quick nor easy.  For there is no short-cut to influence.  And neither is there is any short-cut to success.  Excellence demands a price…it takes a toll.


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