Discernment: A Leader’s Umbrella

“Take stands, take risks, take responsibility.”  -Muriel Siebert

“When it rains, it pours” is not far from the truth in the majority of our organizations and institutions.  Initiatives rain down on those below in a torrential downpour – leaving those in the trenches sloshing around in a soupy sea of mandates.  It’s a wonder that galoshes and ponchos aren’t dispensed at the gates each morning.

Lacking shelter and braving the elements – it is not difficult to understand why dysfunction and chaos reign over alignment and clarity in many organizations.  Transparency and focus are often washed away in a flood of agendas vying and jockeying for position.

Which is the art and science of leadership.  Perception.  Understanding.  Timing.  Discernment…

Knowing how (and when) to shelter your people from an organization’s initiative downpour.  Sensing when to utilize your leadership umbrella to shield and channel away the excess of mandates.

Which is the hardline of leadership.  Risk.  Responsibility.  Commitment.  Ownership.

Where leadership moves past managing.  Where leaders take a stand in the best interest of…their people.  Their organization.  And their vision.  Knowing when and how to protect and shield those they lead.

The discerning leader.

One who does what is best for those they lead.  Not one who mindlessly implements initiatives and mandates to please those above at the peril of those below.

The discerning leader.

One who is never caught out in the rain without their umbrella.

The discerning leader.

“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”  -Edwin Louis Cole


One thought on “Discernment: A Leader’s Umbrella

  1. “The discerning leader… One who does what is best for those they lead.” — You’ve captured the essence of service leadership. Great post! Look forward to reading more.

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