Organizational Flows: The Connection To Better Ideas, Creativity And Innovation

Today’s creative and innovative organizations have effectively learned to create bridges and connections that span the divide that has continually existed between those making the decisions, and those doing the work.

More and more often we hear how today’s ‘creative leaders’ not only understand, but acknowledge and embrace the concept that great ideas can, and do come from anywhere. And yet, many of today’s organizations still construct hierarchical charts and retain structures that inhibit and impede this from ever occurring.

Creating organizational divides that engage an ‘us vs. them’ mindset at many levels…

Whereas, today’s innovative and creative organizations and leaders work to effectively span the divide that exists between those making the decisions and those doing the work. To break down those ‘us vs.them’ mindsets that pervade their environments, culture and organization. Which requires not only the understanding that great ideas can and do come from anywhere, but pushing beyond too infuse empathy and emotional intelligence into the process.

When ‘creative leaders’ infuse empathy and ‘seeing through the eyes of others’ into the decision-making process, they gain a greater grasp of how those, often off-the-cuff decisions, affect others deeply within the organization. Which can effectually break down those walls of misunderstanding and contention that can exist and reside within our organizations.

Eventually leading to stronger commitment and better trust…

When bridges of connection are built, organizational flows can cross over divides and structures which once hampered and diminished communication and collaborative processes.  Leading to the connections that enhance and deepen the ‘well’ of ideas, at all levels of the organization. Leading to more creativity, innovation and even new ways of thinking.

Too often, today’s organizations can’t reach these flows as they are mired in an ‘us vs. them’ mindset, holding back progress.

‘Creative leaders’ take the steps necessary to break down those divides that hamper communication and trust in the environment and culture. They learn how to loosen up the ground where many have emphatically dug in their heels.

When leaders can engage these collaborative flows, they often find that they have sparked and ignited the trust and commitment that leads to engagement, excitement, and eventually organizational excellence.

Excellence can never be achieved under an ‘us vs. them’ mindset. It is only when we break down these walls and cross the divide, can a ‘shared’ mindset create the environment and culture that will eventually lead to organizational excellence.


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