The Idea Peddler: A 21st Century Pioneer

The difficulty in being a pioneer is not found only in the blazing of new paths, it is in the perseverance and courage required to push your ideas against the status quo…

Being a pioneer in the 21st century is no longer as much a physical journey as it is a mental one.  No longer so much about where our bodies can take us as where our imaginations can transport us.  It has become more about facing our mental, than our physical limits.

What used to be about where our feet, a horse, wagon, car, ship or plane could take us…

Is now about a completely different type of vehicle.  Of a brand new way to travel.  We now blaze our paths into the unknown on the wings of our ideas.

A brand new reality.  One which has opened new doors to previous limits and possibilities, and what it means to be a pioneer in our modern day world.

And an endless frontier it is.  One in which only our mind and visions of possible (or impossible) can restrain and constrain where we wander.  One where what we can conceive is what we can achieve.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, it’s not…

It’s incredibly difficult.  Being an idea peddler, a 21st century pioneer will require high levels of perseverance and stamina.  Much like the pioneers of the 1800’s.  Only different.  Less physical, more mental.

And as a 21st century pioneer, you have to understand that any time you push against the mainstream, against the status quo, you will have to spend periods of time serving as an outsider, an outlier.

It requires acknowledging that doors (and minds) will constantly be closed (off) to your ideas…

Not because they are wrong, or bad but, for the simple fact that they are disruptive.  Disruptive in that they push us beyond our current level of comfort, often setting off our internal alarms.  Disruptive in that they upend our current understanding of known.

And that is disconcerting, unsettling, and uncomfortable.  But necessary, if we are to grow and change.

Being a modern day pioneer is not just about being an “idea” peddler, it is about having the perseverance, stamina, and courage to not only stand strong against the currents of mainstream status quo, but to be able to swim against that same current…


2 thoughts on “The Idea Peddler: A 21st Century Pioneer

  1. As an observer of a few pioneers, I would make the the following analogy and give a bit of advice. Don’t be a strong current that in the end destroys momentum, do be that stone, that is thrown into the water, creating a strong pattern of ripples that catch folks attention. Keep throwing the stone, over and over calling attention to your work, it will make a difference.

  2. Perseverance is a must regardless of the times. As the face of education continues to change and move, traditionalists are constantly grappling with this constant pace of disruption. Many cannot handle it and must resort to what has has made them excellent within their roles. However, settling for excellent means that growth has ceased. As a single subject teacher (PE) I have worked to change the negative perceptions that have plagued my subject area. I feel like I am swimming against a strong current, but by connecting with those that support a similar vision, I know that we are causing a trickle effect that will slowly change the tide.

    Thanks for this post David.

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