Which Direction Is Your Compass Pointing?

“A leaders perspective is often an organization’s destiny. How are you shaping and creating that perspective?

Each one of us has a leadership compass within us. A navigational point from which we derive our direction and next steps. Our points of reference. Up. Down. AcrossWithin. All of which are necessary, yet seldom do we see all utilized.

Rather, we have a tendency to lean in to those directions that we find favorable, while searching out alternative, less adverse routes when our leadership compass points us in a more challenging

However, if we are going to have true influence as a leader, we have to be able to lead where the compass is pointing.

Yet, we struggle with and avoid a crucial direction for which we seldom think we have any influence – Up.

We fail to realize that we have a responsibility to influence Up. We have a responsibility to our leaders and to our organization. When we influence Up, we are showing that we value the organization, the leaders, and those within.

Unfortunately, many leaders spend less time focusing their energy Up than they do complaining and venting frustrations about what is occurring above. The decisions made. The direction taken. The vision created.

It is when we realize that we have the ability, opportunity, and responsibility to influence Up, that we begin to find a way past those obstacles. We begin to push our influence out.

And not only do we realize our responsibility and role in influencing Up, but we acknowledge that we ourselves need to open to the influence of others in our organization. A realization that serves as a catalyst for creating trust. A catalyst for empowering others. A catalyst to create leaders within the organization.

However, it requires a reflective, responsive, even humble leader that can be open to the influence of others. But, think of how much more ground you can cover when you are willing to lead and be led.

Which begs the question…

Who are influencing?

And who are you allowing and empowering to influence you?


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