Hootenanny #CUEBOOM

I was privileged to be able to attend the CUE Hootenanny at the San Diego Maritime Museum with 50 incredibly dedicated and awesome educators. Jon Corippo, the Executive Director of CUE had mentioned that at the end of the day they would be giving away “golden” clickers to the best #CUEBOOM. While I did not get a chance to participate in the #CUEBOOM, earlier in the week I had a flash of inspiration and thirty minutes later this spoken word piece rolled out. So, while I did not participate in the #CUEBOOM, I thought I would share the result of that flash of inspiration (even though it is a bit raw and unfinished)…


What’s that you say?

You can be anything you want to be, I hear.

Just follow my passion, move forward without any fear.

Yet, all I see when look around is chaos, crisis and fear?

A world encased in…





I still hear that the future is so bright that I’m going to need sunglasses,

but I don’t always see the skills I’m going to need taught in many of my classes.

Worksheets continue to overshadow time for moonshots,

And I’ve noticed that rows still take precedence over circles

But wait, should I be worried that my passion for what I want to be may be stolen by robots?

A world consumed by…




And Eliminate

What am I facing, what will be left

Are we gambling with the highest level of future theft?

What are we facing, exponential possibilities, or a dystopian future,

Or will UBI and colonization of Mars eventually serve as our 21st century suture?

Artificial this

Artificial that

As Friedman has said, we live in a hyper-connected world that is officially flat

Give you a device and teach you a few lines of code

Uh-oh, didn’t teach you how to think different, so you never broke out of the mold.

How do I gain access to this new world?

Where’s my entry point to a better future?

Design is no longer just about products and couture,

It is in providing me a variety of opportunities,

Not just cognitive left-overs that take me towards a bleak future.




Don’t be afraid to tap my soul,

I am still trying to find out who I am, what is my role?

Take a chance, be vulnerable, be a model, be the one that helps me discover my goal.

Don’t ground me down in days filled with rote, please

When today’s world is demanding a much better understanding of the 4Cs.

Yes, things are much different today

Finding it much harder to find the signals, to see the way


Hold on

Sorry, too late, your chance is gone.




Help me discover and hone the skills that Silicon Valley cannot replicate.

Equality may be great,

But equity is what we need.

We count on you because Superman is VR and only Artificial Intelligence is coming,

We hope that you can help us prepare for a world that is difficult to determine,

What it is, and what it is becoming.


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