Innovate Leadership: Think Different

It is not enough to do different, if we never learn to think different.

We need leaders in today’s world who can begin to prepare our organizations for the exponential shifts that are exploding across the entirety of our societal landscapes.  Much of the leadership abilities and skill-sets that were both effective and efficient in the industrial model we are finding to be neither effective nor efficient to the changes that we are experiencing.  Leading today’s modern organizations will require us to not only do different, but we must also learn to think different.

Below is a beginning list of some of the leadership shifts we can begin to consider if we are to lead our organizations more effectively in the Exponential Age.  And while it initiates an OVER/OR attitude, it still very often remains an AND approach…


Questions over Answers

Collaboration over Competition

Creativity over Compliance

Innovation over Implementation

Autonomy over Control

Adaptive over Technical

Journey over Destination

Process over Structure

Agility over Bureaucracy

Differentiation over Standardization

Long Term over Short Term

‘Best’ Idea over ‘Whose’ Idea

Distributive over Control

Holocracy over Hierarchy

Exponential over Incremental

Transform over Reform

Exploring the Unknown over Amplifying the Known

What If over What Is…


What would you add?


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