Descaling The Uncertainty And Ambiguity Factor

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We cannot conquer ambiguity and uncertainty…but we can learn to adapt to it as individuals and organizations.  We can learn to exist more effectively in its arena of anxiety.

We exist in a time of misalignment.  A time where coherence and clarity find themselves muted from a world in flux.  A time of overwhelming change spurred forward by a renewed sense of pace and urgency.

A time when we find ourselves struggling to discover and decipher a ‘signal’ in an accelerated and all-consuming noise that has steadily determined to envelop us.

And in the midst of these turbulent and often chaotic shifts, we continue to search for some semblance of control.  We look to reengage the stability and predictability that we fear we’ve lost to a world that is spinning more and more out of control.

In the oncoming rush of an unknown future, we look more and more fervently to the protective practices of the past.

Even in the midst of the disintegrating effectiveness of our current and previous mental and organizational models, we find ourselves determined to push them forward.  Instead of moving into this new future with a thriving sense of excitement…we find ourselves entrenched in fear and apprehension, hiding ourselves from the opportunities that are willingly presenting themselves.

Instead, we hold tighter and pull harder on the reins that we hope to pull us back, than releasing to the mounting and unbridled momentum that lies before us.  An opportunity for new beginnings and new awakenings of a new journey.

However, the unknown future that awaits us will require a shedding of the old and a cognitive cleansing of the mental models that often mire us in dread and trepidation of what is to come.

If we are to move through this window of opportunity, we must prepare ourselves to be much more agile and adaptable to the new…

Confusion and not-knowing will be a difficult part of this change process.  We will find ourselves involved more and more in experimental and discovery learning.  In as much as we will have to think, we will also have to ‘act’ our way forward.

What we will begin to realize, in the midst and swirl of the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of this new world that we find ourselves pulling back from…is exactly where the core of creativity and innovation transpire and ultimately exist.  Not in the predictable past, but in the turbulence of this new future.

Which is the opportunity that awaits us when we learn to traverse through, rather than recoil from this foggy future that surrounds us.

Instead of fear and apprehension, we must see the opportunity that presents itself and stake our mental playground right in the midst of this chaos.  Allowing this turbulence to create momentum for more creative and innovative thinking and ideas that provide a beacon, ‘a signal in the noise’ that pulls us through this murky and foggy future that lies before us.

It is here that we tip the scales of fear and alarm that entrench us in the practices and mental models of the past.  It is here that we allow uncertainty and ambiguity to push us forward more effectively into this new and evolving world.

It is here in our open-mindedness to ideas of the new that we actively navigate a new path through this foggy future. 



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