What Is Your Catalyst For Change?

Curiosity is the currency of change that move us from what is to what if.

Curiosity creates the conditions to continually question the current state of things, it is willful and wayward. It disturbs and disrupts.  

The status quo detests the questions and considerations that curiosity creates…

Curiosity creates the space for wonder, imagination and amazement to exist, in a world where we’ve very often lost the will, want or ability to be astonished.

The status quo deems wonder and amazement as child-like traits that have no business in our grown-up world…

Curiosity makes us want to know how things work, in a world where most often we are just happy that we don’t have to be concerned about it.

The status quo very often views the tinkerers, inventors and creators as the crazy ones…

Curiosity makes us want to know why people and systems interact and react in the way they do, so that we can create a better world.

The status quo would question why you would want to ‘fix’ something that is not broken…

Curiosity makes us willing to go where others aren’t willing to go, in order to see things that others haven’t seen.

The status quo very often views the the explorers and pioneers as the ‘lost’ ones…

In the end, we have an obligation and a responsibility to keep curiosity, imagination, wonder, amazement and awe alive.

In our children, and in ourselves.


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