Radical Reframing: From Resistant Reform To Creative Innovation

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“Schools reform.  Businesses innovate.”  -Peter Senge

There is nothing interesting, exciting, engaging or appealing about the idea of being reformed.  Very few, if any, interpret the idea of ‘reform’ as a positive approach to change and organizational transformation.  In fact, we most often infer it to be a punitive process put upon us for expectations not met.  It does little to motivate us towards a new, dynamic and vibrant vision of the future.

In a time that next steps will be crucial in determining our ability to remain relevant, reframing our story, our narrative, will be vital to setting our expectations in and around the changes necessary and needed to remain significant in a world where insignificance and irrelevance arrives in a swift and devastating manner.

To do this work is going to require some rather difficult and uncomfortable shifts.  It is going to require some radical reframing and purposeful perspective shifting that rubs abrasively against the status quo and the conventional wisdom of the day.  It comes face to face with the ‘what we’ve always been’ and ‘how we’ve always done things’ mindset that pervades the mentality of many of our organizations.  It requires us to not only question our current thinking, but our habits, behaviors, structures, processes, expectations

Radical reframing requires us to place an honest and reflective lens on how we perceive our ability to move from today’s current reality of possible, to tomorrow’s willingness to achieve what was previously considered impossible.

As Brene Brown often shares that we must be willing to dare greatly…however, we must also be willing to dare differently.  To do this daring work, we are going to need to reframe our perception of just how able an organization is to alter and change itself in dynamic and transformational ways.

In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, radical reframing and purposeful perspective shifting is not just a need to be filled, it is a necessity, a deep-dive to allow our organizations to remain relevant and significant in a very unpredictable and turbulent world of change.

The problem is, when organizations need radical reframing the most, during these volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times, is when we tend to recoil the most from this purposeful perspective shifting.  It is when we tend to focus in more and see less.  We find ourselves trapped by our lack of ability to see beyond our current circumstances, situations, challenges and problems.

And which is why in times like these, we choose reforming when we should be transforming.

The more we look deeply at the situations, problems and challenges that lay before us…the more that we realize that everything is ripe for innovation. 


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