The Ideapreneur

“Indeed, the single most powerful pattern I have noticed is that successful people find value in unexpected places…”  –Peter Thiel ‘Zero to One’

If we are going to be able to build in capacity for more creative and innovative organizations, we will need people (at all levels of our organizations) who can not only bring new ideas and thinking to the table, but those who can get others to see the value in and ultimately adopt those ideas into change.

The work of the future will not only be founded in the capability to come up with new and novel ideas that challenge our assumptions and the status quo, but the ability to turn those ideas into action and eventual impact.

Turning creativity into innovation, turning innovation into acceptance, turning acceptance into adoption, and turning adoption into change, will be the work of the modern day ideapreneur.

The work of the ideapreneur is imagining a world that most us are yet unable to see, and then being able to get others to see how that world is a much better place than the one that already exists.  In ‘Zero to One’ Peter Thiel describes this as the difference between creating ‘horizontal progress’ and ‘vertical progress’. The difference between incremental change that builds across, and more disruptive change that builds upon and forward.

The work of the ideapreneur is not always founded in the making, but often in the connecting of ideas and thinking that already exists in very new and novel ways. Ideapreneurs are able to make connections that remix and reimagine our current world in very inventive and innovative ways.

From the classroom to the boardroom, we need to begin to create the environments where our creative and innovative ideapreneurs are unleashed, rather than restrained and restricted.  Vibrant environments and organizational cultures that begin to tap into and utilize the creative and innovative forces that often lie dormant in our people. Organizational environments and cultures where divergent thinking is not seen as a professional liability, but an opportunity to forge better ideas and solutions for a brighter future.

We live in a time in which we must learn to build up and support those creative and innovative ideapreneurs who are willing to challenge the current world for a much more creative and innovative one.

We have to reengage the mind as a grand playground, a place where new ideas continually come to play.

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