Catalyst Converter

If you are constantly pushing and pulling change, you are never creating any real momentum. Until you determine to step up to the edge of what scares you the most. Until you decide to take that leap. Change will stay incremental, and push and pull remain the tasks of the day.

As much as it may sometimes seem, avoiding change is not a tactic that people employ. Avoiding change is not a strategy. People don’t avoid change out of spite and a vengeful spirit.

Rather, they tend to disengage from the constant cajoling of a much more persistent and antagonistic villain, fear.

Catalyst converters realize this, deeply. They comprehend the paralyzing effect fear can have on people and organizations. Catalyst converters also understand, that at some level, fear will always be a part of us and those organizations.

Always in the background, waiting for its opportunity to take center stage in our mind and words. And while it can be driven back, pushed aside, even overcome, it never ever fully goes away. Always waiting. Always ready.

The fear of ‘what if‘ that constantly waits in the background for the chance to invade our thoughts and make us question what we are doing, and why. Fear creates the hesitation that paralyzes us into inaction.

Which is the reason catalyst converters constantly move us towards a ‘why’ so compelling that it allows, even forces us to push past those fears.

Catalysts converters don’t remove the fear of change, they just remind us that if it does not work there will a net there to catch you. It does not make change any less scary, but it does provide what we need to engage, face and overcome that fear. It gives us the impetus to begin.

Catalysts converters overcome the fear of the first step just by being who they are, by being there. Every step of the way. They serve as a constant source of support. They invigorate us to stay the course. They compel us forward.

Catalysts converters create momentum, they make us see how much more wonderful it could be if we just start, if we just begin to move towards that place. What a better world, a better organization, a better team, a better life it can and will be.

They don’t deny that the journey will be difficult and fraught many hardships, but they never let you forget that they will be right there with you.  

And you know that you can trust and count on that, every step of the way.

Catalysts converters are all in. They are along for the whole ride, especially when the seas are rough and the road is rocky. They will be there to catch you when you stumble, pick you up and dust you off when you fall, and spur you on when you don’t believe you have another step left in you. Catalysts converters are there when retreat is the only word that you can hear ringing inside your head.

Being a catalyst converter, means that it is never enough to just plant the seeds of change.

True catalyst converters water, nourish and care for those seeds, making sure that they grow and flourish. What they spread, they tend.

They change the lives of those around them so deeply that they are compelled to become catalysts in their own right. They inspire commitment, not just to the organizational vision, but to creating their own individual vision for bettering the world around them.

Catalyst converters understand that it is not just about moving in and through the world that we live in each and every day.

It is about touching that world and those around you. It is about not only the imprints and impressions that you leave on others, but the way that you fill those those imprints and impressions.

It is ultimately about leaving the world in a better place and those around you in a better condition than they were before you touched and changed them.


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