Does Your Data Have A Story?

Data without a story, lacks the emotion and soul to have the influence necessary to drive any type of dedicated commitment…

One of the things that pulls us in and quickly captures our heart and mind is a great story. Especially one of overcoming the odds…

Whether we are watching American Idol or the Olympics, very often we love the story of how the people got there, how they climbed over obstacles and insurmountable odds to be there, than the actual performance itself. The performance is actually the icing, as the story serves as the cake.

In fact, their story actually makes the performance that much better. That much more captivating.

Crunching numbers, no matter how enticing you make them, lacks the soul and influence to create real influence and commitment. Numbers don’t have the capacity to capture your heart and mind. And real influence and commitment takes both, the heart and the mind.

It is only when we attach those stories to the data, to the numbers, that we capture and touch people. Often, to their very core. And that is where real influence and commitment begin…

With the story, not the data.

When data loses the face of those we are supposed to serve and support, people become just another metric to be measured and managed.


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