Blendered Learning

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  -Walt Disney

Ideas are the lifeblood of creativity and innovation. When ideas slow down, so does our creativity and innovation. And for our systems to remain both creative and innovative, they don’t just need a few ideas, they need an ongoing flow.

Ideas ignite ideas, which, in turn, ignite more and more ideas.

The problem is, we can have a tendency to sit around wait on that one great idea to hit us, to provide us with that “Eureka” moment. And unfortunately, those “Eureka” moments are far and few between. Especially, if we are sitting around waiting for it to happen. The real “Eureka” moments are born out perseverance and hard work.

And sifting through a lot of ideas…

Think of it like that entertainer, musician, or band that has been tagged by the industry as the new “overnight success.” And while they’ve finally gotten their big break or “Eureka” moment that has sprung them into stardom, most likely, if you look past the surface, you will find that they were anything but an “overnight success.” For most of them, they have been toiling away for years, working at and perfecting their craft.

Creativity and innovation work in much the same manner. They are the by-product of hard work and perseverance. Pushing and practicing your craft daily. It requires engaging daily, in those processes and thinking that evoke creativity and innovation. But, most people see it differently. They see creativity, which leads to innovation, as an innate ability. Either you have it or you don’t. So, when the “Eureka” moments don’t come, they label themselves as not being creative.  Which is unfortunate.

For we are all creative, but we have to choose to do the work that allows our creativity to surface.  

Which not only means working hard and persevering, but creating access. Access to ideas. A constant flow from which to draw from, to ignite our creative and innovative juices. When we have access to an ongoing flow of ideas, it creates an avalanche effect. Ideas build upon ideas, which ignite and create momentum towards even more and different ideas.

Which is why access is crucial…

We have to search out the people and platforms that provide us with that ongoing, collaborative forum for not only gathering, but sharing and building upon ideas. It is the work necessary, if we are to become more creative and innovative, as individuals, as leaders, as teams, and as organizations.

It is those people and platforms that create the opportunity for “blendered learning.” Where ideas can be formed, mixed, blended, reformed, changed, improved, on an ongoing basis. Where we can toss ideas and thoughts into the mix, often churning up new ideas, which can often lead to that “Eureka” moment. Which is why a constant flow of ideas is so important, we will have to go through a lot to get to that “one” that works.

To engage in “blendered learning” you have to find the people and the platforms that ignite your creative and innovative juices, you have to find your flow.

Do you know where to find your flow?

“Go out and find some real people. Listen to their stories. Don’t ask for the main point. Let the story run its course. Like flowing water, it will find its own way, at its own pace. And if you’ve got patience, you’ll learn more than you might imagine.”  -Tom Kelley (Ideo) Ten Faces of Innovation


1 thought on “Blendered Learning

  1. Love Gyorgy Konrad’s(Hungarian essayist’s) quote from Creative Confidence, “Success is only the accumulation of small steps.” Speaks volumes in support of what you have written about the importance of perseverance and hard work, doesn’t it?

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