Building The Broken

In our quick moving, throw-away society, leaders have to be builders, builders of the broken.  For it is not just what we achieve, but how we invest that truly counts.

Leaders, in many ways are healers, often their work is to breathe life back into the broken.  Broken systems, broken communities, broken organizations, broken structures, and even broken people.

For great leaders are often the harbingers of hope.

And while hope is not at the core of their strategy, it is still inherent in all that they do.

They plant the seeds of possibilities…

When leaders engender hope, in their people, in their organizations, it spurs forth and ignites energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of renewal.  Hope is invigorating and often life changing.  Especially when it permeates throughout the organization and all within.

Hope not only brings a new found sense of energy, enthusiasm and renewal, it initiates feelings of courage and conviction that lead to greater action, greater success, greater feelings of fulfillment.

For great leaders understand that hope is often at the core of the healing, of building back the broken.

So yes, you are correct, hope is not a strategy.  Rather, it is often the lifeblood that flows through and sustains a successful organization.

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”  -Ernest Hemingway


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