There’s A New “IQ” In Town

Today’s modern leaders need to be much more cognizant and aware of a very different kind of “IQ”

For as far back as I can remember, intelligence has always been considered the difference maker, the overriding, predominant, and necessary factor for being a strong leader.  And while not to underwhelm it’s necessity (for it is needed), what we have seen over the last few years, as we’ve shaken and stirred the murky waters of leadership is a surge of other influential factors rising to the surface of those frothy waters.

And while “IQ” may still be considered by many to be the top-shelf leadership prerequisite…we have definitely seen a real push and surge in recognizing and acknowledging the necessity of “EQ” or “Emotional Intelligence” being present in any effective leader’s toolbox.  Even though the “soft skills” often still remain the “hardest skills” for many leaders to deploy, effectively.

And without trying to make those leadership waters any murkier, I believe their needs to be a new “IQ” in town, or what I refer to as a leader’s “Intent Quotient”.

Today’s modern leaders need to be much more intentional, with their words, their conversations, what they model, in what they do.  Their overall approach has to be much more intentional.  It requires us to incorporate much more of design and systems thinking into our leadership.

Today’s leader’s need not only be intentional in what they do, and in what they say, they must be ever mindful of their own intent.

Being mindful of your intent, will only heighten a leader’s ability to form better connections and relationships.  Both of which remain at the core of great leadership.

All of which requires a deep awareness…

Which is why leaders also need high levels of “AQ” or “Awareness Quotient” in conjunction with their “IQ” or “Intent Quotient.

Awareness, like intent, is paramount for today’s leaders.  It is where your leadership begins, deep awareness of others, your environment, even of yourself.  When leaders are void of real awareness, they lack the ability to see what others see so clearly in the organization, in themselves, and in others.

And you might be thinking that both Intent and Awareness are embedded in the original “IQ” and “EQ” and you may be right.

And yet…

Leading in today’s turbulent and chaotic world requires us to shine a much brighter spotlight on those skills that weren’t necessary even just five years ago.

Today’s leaders must be able to not only incorporate “IQ” (Intent Quotient) and “AQ” (Awareness Quotient) into their daily work, they must be able to do it on a much deeper and higher level.

And for that reason, we may need to rethink whether they both need to acquire a much more prominent position within our current leadership toolbox.


1 thought on “There’s A New “IQ” In Town

  1. As I read this blog post, I immediately thought about the importance of being mindful and being present. Awareness is critical in connecting with others. It is amazing how lost we can get in our own thoughts as we listen to others. Perhaps we are thinking about our next meeting, or a disagreement we just had with a colleague, or what we are what we are going to say next. This leads us to be only partially present which is a disservice to ourselves and the people who depend on us. Definitely work to BE Aware, to BE Present, and to Be Mindful and doing so will automatically lead to better connecting with the people in our lives, both personally and professionally. Thanks for this post David. I enjoy the takeaways that I always get from reading your blogs.

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