The Main Thing

“Emotional connection…it is the ethos of our culture.  Our most original and irreplaceable asset.”  -Howard Schultz Onward

One of the greatest struggles of any organization is where its emphasis is placed…what’s the main thing of their main thing?  Are they focused on the right thing?  The main thing?  Or do they find themselves caught up in the bottom-line?

Unfortunately, what we find is that most organizations have misplaced that main thing…their main thing is often the wrong thing.

Which is why they find that their success is often short-lived and fleeting.  Organizations that are bottom-line focused cannot sustain lasting success…


When any organization is “me” and “inward” focused they miss the entire point of their existence…connection.  The goal of any organization should not be to only “gain” but to “add”.

It is only when an organization understands that adding value to the lives of others is their main thing…that they begin to create real connection.  People don’t remain loyal and connected to a bottom-line…they remain  loyal and connected to those organizations that “give” and add “value”.  From education to selling coffee…there is no difference.

Howard Schultz gives a great example of this in his book Onward

“I always believe Starbucks is at its best when we are creating enduring relationships and personal connections.  It’s the essence of our brand, but not simple to achieve.  Many layers go into eliciting such an emotional response.  Starbucks is intensely personal.”

Whether Howard Schultz or Simon Sinek…each understand that organizations that stand the test of time have moved past the “what” they provide to the “why” they exist.  Organizations that flourish have been able to understand this dynamic and move from a bottom-line “inward” focus to a more connected, relationship-based way of existing.  They understand that real “gain”, long-lasting “gain” is in their humanness.

And that’s the real bottom-line…

“Starbucks coffee is exceptional, but emotional connection is our true value connection.”  -Howard Schultz Onward

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