The Regifting Of Leadership

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”  -Arthur Ashe

At one time or another, we have all been on one end or the other…either as the giver or the receiver.  The time when we choose to put that unwanted or unneeded present back into gift circulation.

The dreaded and embarrassing regifting…the present that cycles around and around, making the gifting rounds.  The gift that keeps on, and on, and on, giving…or getting.  Keeping your fingers crossed you can pass it on without being called out.

Whether a wedding, a birthday, or an even an anniversary party…regifting is the dirty underbelly of the present world.  And while we all have done it at one time or another…it is still a frowned upon in the world of good present etiquette.

And while regifting may find that it has settled itself into the lower echelons of the present world…it does have a place where it is encouraged, even exalted.


In all actuality, regifting is what all great leaders do.  For we all stand on the shoulders of giants…those who have gone before us.  Those who have blazed new trails, mentored, supported…and raised us up as leaders.  As there were those that went before them who did the same…raising up the leaders that raised us up.

Real, authentic leadership is founded in the idea of regifting…

In passing on to others what was passed on to you.  To regift the lessons that you were taught, as well as the lessons you have learned.  To pass on the gift of leadership to those coming behind you…as those that went before you passed on to you.

Regifting is the act of building leaders…of giving what you have for the benefit of others…for their growth and success.

Regifting is what great and giving leaders do…

For great and giving leaders not only ignite the flame…they prepare those around them to take hold and carry the torch.

Leadership isn’t just about pushing through closed doors…it’s about holding those same doors open for those coming through behind you…


2 thoughts on “The Regifting Of Leadership

  1. David, I participated in an #ArkEd chat last night in leadership and my response to the question “why do you lead?” Was “because someone led and nurtured me”. Your post is so true- it is a gift to help someone uncover
    their strengths, to encourage them to share, to give them opportunities that open them up to new ideas and situations- believing in them. I was blessed to have people do this for me – not just through their words but also their actions. As you said, paying it forward is how I pay those people back. Thank you for another insightful and inspiring read.

  2. David, your post makes me reflect on those leaders who nurtured me and encouraged me to become a leader. I, too, like the quote, “we stand on the shoulders of giants.” Thank you for reminding me to regift my leadership to others. I lead so that I will grow, but also so that I will encourage others, also, to grow and become leaders.

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