Engineering the Future: The Garage of the Mind

The future will continue to arrive…daily. What that future looks like will fall squarely upon our shoulders. For better or worse?

The future is not a far-away place, rather it is continually crashing down upon us in real-time. Engulfing us in its expansive inclusivity. Voluminous and unsuppressed. Far-reaching and widespread. We are constantly mired in its embrace and the uncertainty it can unleash.

Some choose to immerse themselves in its waves as they cascade down upon us, while others scramble for the umbrella of their current reality to shield them from the downpour.

Whether we choose to dive in or avoid, the future will continue to shower down upon us. Boundless and unremitting. A force uninterrupted.

Creating great opportunity for some and utter confusion for others.

Leaders who allow themselves to be overcome by the oncoming waves of the future, will very well be crushed under the weight of the disruptive thinking required to navigate this new world effectively.

Leaders who are unwilling to capsize their current world view, whether that be their mindset or their ideas of what was, what is, what is possible, and how we will get there, will lack the necessary agility to avoid extinction, becoming ever brittle and fossilized.

Organizational Titanics.

The future will require a certain nimbleness and agility. Quick and responsive. Lean and lively. Driving ever forward.

As we stand witness to this oncoming future, we realize that status quo no longer serves as an available choice or option to our current circumstances. Our current world requires movement, perpetual and constant. An unceasing march. Nor is implementing enough to serve us well, as it so often gets in the way of creating what’s to come, an obstacle of what can and may be.

Our current world constantly reminds us that there is a big difference between “just now” and “just around the corner” thinking.

As leaders, we will need to allocate time, time to poke holes in our current cover of reality. Moving us from titanic to speedster. We will have to grapple with our engines and drivers of change.

To do this will require new ways of thinking and doing. It will require us to open the garage to our mind. A place where we can tinker with our current ideas of what is and what could be. Where we can go to create, innovate, and re-imagine our current reality.

A time for forward “thinkering.”

The more holes we are willing to poke in our current reality, the greater the glimpse of the possibilities that have remained hidden from our view. As well as the destination that we should be driving towards.

As leaders, we sometimes have to poke our way through the shell that engulfs us, especially if we ever intend to embark on a journey that takes us beyond our current experiences, our current reality, towards a new and ever-evolving future. To be open ourselves, as well as our organization to new possibilities of being and doing, effectually making our leadership stronger in the process.

Very often our future and our world can experience and undergo exponential changes from just a consideration of an idea, a possibility. 

Whether born of frustration or positivity, it is what evokes the energy and will to drive us to better.

To be better.

To do better.

And often all it takes is a consideration, consideration of our constraints and limitations. Limitations that box us in, both as leaders and as organizations.

The future will inevitably come to us. 

Our responsibility is to engineer that future, in beta. In constant application of our knowledge, creativity, innovation, and ingenuity, in a drive for better.

And each day we must ask ourselves…

Is our the garage of our mind open for business?

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