Disruption (A Matter Of The Head And The Heart)

Each day we must not only move to change and disrupt our own ideas and thinking but, our hearts as well.  

Leaders are change agents, pure and simple.

Leaders live in a constant state of consideration and action…a disruptive state of being.

If leaders are not constantly tinkering with their own mindset and ideas, how will it ever be possible for them and those they lead to move past their current level of thinking and doing?  From what is to what is possible…

Leadership is about seeing the possibilities that don’t yet exist.  Not just a new way.  A better way of being and doing.  A better future.  A better destination.

Leaders acknowledge we live in a time of constant motion.  A time in which we have to be willing to accept disruption and change.  A time when leaders must be willing to rethink, reconsider, recast and reimagine their leadership, their organization, and their systems, on a constant and ongoing basis.

And yet, as change agents, we must understand leadership is not only a mind matter.

It is also a heart matter.  Leadership and change are a tandem task.  The mind and the heart must move together.  As we disrupt our thinking, we must be willing to disrupt our heart as well.  If our heart is not in the matter, we lose a core piece of our leadership and who we are.

One without the other lacks authenticity.

When our thinking, our leadership, our organizations lack the heart in the matter, it misses the human side of the equation.  For change is not only a mental move, it is also an emotional one.  The mental without the emotional removes the very essence of our humanity.  One without the other results in a disconnect.

For real connection requires both the heart and the mind.

Authentic leaders and change agents understand that life and leadership require both head and heart.  You can’t disrupt one without the other.  The heart and the mind work in tandem, constantly moving together.

Change and disruption can be seen through a positive lens, but it requires connection.  And for leaders, that connection begins with themselves.  In their mind and their heart.

For when the heart is there, our life and leadership pulse, thrive, and grow.  And when the heart is absent, both our life and leadership become cold, withered, and eventually fade away.


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