Where’s Your Eleven?

“Most amps go to ten…these go to eleven.  It’s one louder!”  -Spinal Tap

One of the hardest things in life is the search to discover your true calling.  The sweet spot.  Your wheelhouse…where flow and energy is almost magical.

You know and feel it when you are in it…and most definitely when you lose it.

It’s your eleven.  It’s your one louder!

The problem is that we are not always able to exist in our sweet spot…our wheelhouse.  Sometimes it feels as if we find ourselves in a dark tunnel with no glimmer of release or end in sight.  These are the times that we have to struggle and scratch…to move ourselves forward.  These are the difficult times.

And it is in these times that we have to really focus on mindset…and our attitude.  Otherwise, the struggles and difficulties will consume us.  We can easily lose ourselves.

It is here that perseverance and conviction take center stage.

We have to look not only for the bright spots…but the lessons we must learn during these times.  For even though this is not the best of times…it is often the times in which we forge our character and learn the strongest and deepest lessons as leaders and learners.  This is where we sharpen the saw…where fortitude and courage are created and come together.

Where strength and determination are created.

Spurring us forward.  To find our wheelhouse once again…emerging from the dark and difficult times…better, stronger, and more purposeful.

Which is why we have to continually…

Determine where our eleven is…and go after it!


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