Creating a Movement: Architect Of Opportunity

“We are consciously, or not, the architects of a dramatically different world, an everyone a change-maker world.”  -Bill Drayton

The game has changed.

As has our world…

We no longer have to wait to create the change we envision.

We now have the tools and access to recreate and re-imagine our world, almost instantaneously.  For so long, the majority of us were relegated to consumers, waiting to consume what was being provided, often from a very few.

We live in a world that no longer requires us to wait.  To no longer remain the consumer.  We can be the creators, the “architects” of change.  We have the tools and access to create what we envision.  Invoking dynamic change is very often just a voice and platform away.

Each of us is capable of creating a movement of global proportions.

Our world used to be a ladder.  One that each of us climbed, rung by rung.  Climbing to achieve that title or position that we were after.  Each title worn like a tiara, a badge of honor for the hard work and dedication that had taken us to that rung on the ladder.

Today’s world is a little less like that ladder and a little more like a game of hopscotch.  No longer rung by rung.  We can skip spaces.  Have our feet in different spaces.  Or skip spaces altogether.  Moving at a pace and speed that we set.  No longer based in title and position.

What we are coming to understand is that we no longer have to wait to consume what we are being offered, what is being given.

We have the opportunity to be creators, “architects” of our own opportunities.

Like no other time on earth, we can create a platform, a voice, far beyond what each of us thought as possible.

Each of us…

Tinkerers.  Creators.  Architects.  Each of these moving less from opportunities and more towards necessities of our modern world.  Our ideas, our skills, our frameworks, our systems, no longer have the shelf-life they once had.  According to the work of  John Seely Brown, “We now expect the half life of a skill, most skills we pick up, to have about five years.”

Change is eminent.  Change is constant.  Change is rapid.

The shelf-life of our ideas, skills, frameworks, and systems now deteriorate at a much more advanced rate.

Life and our world is less stagnant and more dynamic.  We have to become the tinkerers, the creators, the architects, constantly being able to recreate and re-imagine the world around us.

The only question we will have to ask ourselves…

Are you game?


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