The Age Of The Learner And A (Disruptive Mindset)

The constant influx of data, information, and ever-evolving knowledge has shifted our world from that of the expert, to that of the learner.

For centuries we have relied on Experts (sustaining mindset) to provide us with the necessary wisdom and knowledge to lead our organizations and institutions effectively.  Not to say it hasn’t worked.  Knowledge requested, knowledge imparted, knowledge implemented.  Allowing us to better run efficient organizations and institutions.

Until now…

Very subtly and swiftly we have watched that world yanked out from under our feet.  For some, the disequilibrium is alarming, and for others it is seen as an exhilarating time of change.  Either way, it is disruptive.  We are stretching into new and unknown frontiers.  Stepping into the era of the Learner and a (disruptive mindset).

For years we have relied on the luxury of turning to the experts to give us the answers, for time permitted, and our world moved at a much slower pace of change.  A world that no longer exists.

The cycle of information, processing, decision-making, with application necessitating change is crashing through at an exponential rate.  The amount of data today’s leaders are required to grapple with on a daily basis would be seen as unfathomable looking back as recently as even five years ago.

A cycle that is demanding today’s leaders to push through into the unknown more and more often, causing deeper levels of stress and anxiety than in any previous time or age.

The world is moving too fast to always rely on the current, sustaining knowledge of the expert.  The pace is too intense.  Known knowledge is being challenged at an ever increasing rate.  What existed today, has morphed and changed for tomorrow.

As leaders, we are going to have to embrace a learner mindset, to disrupt our current notions of what is, to what could be.  Working in an ever-evolving state of creating, recreating, recasting and re-imagining the world around us.  As individuals, as teams, as organizations.  Mentally disrupting our current processes, models and frameworks.

The era of the learner requires agile leaders and organizations, processing and responding quickly to a rapidly changing world.  It is not just a necessity, it is imperative to the survival and success of our organizations, and our leadership.

However, we have to realize that the change begins with each of us mentally.  Disruption begins in our own mind, in our own thinking.  It takes root in the ideas of what we consider possible.  Stretching that beyond what we considered.  And then spreading those seeds of possibility.  It begins within us.

We cannot begin to disrupt our institutions and organizations until we determine to disrupt our own thinking.

To move forward, we must be able to push through the stress, anxiety, chaos and turbulence created from the velocity of change and disruption we are facing.

We must not only ask deeper, more thought provoking questions of those we lead…we must ask those questions of ourselves.  We must be willing to provoke and disrupt our own mindset of what we think is, should be, and can be.

We must have the mindset of a learner.


1 thought on “The Age Of The Learner And A (Disruptive Mindset)

  1. Hi David,

    This post really spoke to me – I truly believe that those who are willing to work through the distraction that you write about are the ones who will also grow most as learners and thinkers. I always enjoy your perspective…great post!


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