In Light Of…

In light of the issues that have come forth in a few high profile districts regarding high-stakes assessments and tests…

The following quote is one worth heeding for educational leaders and leaders alike…and how the cultures we create affect the entirety of our organizations…

“People who fear their bosses do more than hide bad news to avoid guilt by association.  They have considerable incentive to lie about how things are going.  Fear, created by managers who demand results no matter what, leads to falsification of information and the inability to learn, let alone apply that knowledge to improving the organization’s operations.” 

Jeffrey Pfeffer The Knowing-Doing Gap

As leaders we cannot control all of the actions within our organizations…however, we are responsible for the culture of the organization and how that culture influences the decisions and actions of those within.

“Fear causes a focus on the short term.”

“Fear drives out consideration of the longer run.”

“Consequently, efforts to implement knowledge that might actually reduce the threat in the long term flounder on short-term fears of the consequences of their implementation.” 

Jeffrey Pfeffer The Knowing Doing Gap

Which is why we can never underestimate its influence…leadership matters.


1 thought on “In Light Of…

  1. Absolutely! It comes down to personal integrity and the courage to do what’s right even if that means standing alone. This makes me think of Steven Covey’s principle-centred leadership and former Canadian Forces Chief of Defence Staff General Jaques Dextraze: “A leader needs to have the courage to say ‘it’s not on.'”

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