Unclogging Our Organizational Arteries

“Where clarity hides…chaos and confusion often reside.” 

The medical term for clogged arteries is Atherosclerosis…a condition in which the plaque on our arteries hardens and restricts the ability of the arteries to allow blood vessels to cary oxygen and nutrients to our organs and tissues.

The danger of Atherosclerosis “is that it is hidden deep in the body and not easily detectable, it is a slow, progressive disease.”

Unfortunately, many of our organizations face issues “hidden deep” that are “not easily detectable” causing “slow, progressive” disrepair and decay within.

We’ve created a throwaway, silver-bullet society…here today, gone tomorrow.  Always looking for next best thing…

A chase that has left many an organization in convoluted disarray…lacking focus and clarity.  We have clogged our institutional arteries…the flow and communication of clarity and focus gradually restricted.  Years and years of bits and pieces attached as plaque upon our organizational walls.

Change upon change…in leadership, visions, goals, targets, trainings…serve as a plethora of bits and pieces that has diminished the flow of our organizations.

As with Atherosclerosis, an accumulation of fatty materials eventually slows, or stops the flow of blood…leading to the death of tissues.  Diet, medicine, even surgery are required supports to help with the issues caused by the clogging of the arteries and help to clear away and improve the flow of blood.

Liked clogged arteries, our organizations have become glutted with the initiatives of our past…as we have a tendency to keep our plates piled high, keep trying to eat it all.  In other words, we lack balance…a balanced diet to restore order and flow to our organizational arteries.

A leader has to control the means to provide a more balanced diet.  To be willing to say, “We are not going to eat that anymore…it is not healthy or good for us.  We are going to take that off the plate.  We are not going to serve or eat it anymore.”

It requires finding ways to bring back flow…to virtually unclog the arteries of the organization.  Clearing away the cluttered bits and pieces of the past that hinder clarity and focus.

A leader has to be disciplined to what gets put out on the table…and monitor that it is healthy and good for the whole of the organization.  Narrowing down the buffet of initiatives to a few choices that give strength and vitality to the organization.

To bring back the flow that will once again create a healthy and happy organization.

Are there bits and pieces of the past clogging the arteries of your organization?  

If so, how do you begin to provide a more balanced and healthy diet for your organization?


One thought on “Unclogging Our Organizational Arteries

  1. I really like the way this post helps us to think of organizations as living, breathing organisms. I believe one of the most important aspects of the “unclogging” that you discuss is the conversation that happens in an organization–who is engaged in this discussion, who is talking and how often, and does the communication work to streamline the work with clarity and direction. Thanks once again for your wisdom.

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