Awareness In A Time Of Connection

“Connection is why we’re here.  We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.”  -Brene Brown via Daring Greatly

We have consolidated, concentrated, and compressed our world.  We have narrowed the wonder and awe of its full scope.  We have tightly grasped it from the edges of its vast range and pulled those corners closer and tighter together.  We have virtually closed our connection gap.

Or have we…

We live in a world that craves connection.  To soothe those cravings, technology has provided us the solace of connection that previously may not have existed.

Technology that has opened connection to people and places that were previously outside of our reach.


As we have embraced those technology tools that provide us connection on a global perspective, we begin to discover increasing numbers of those in front of us divorcing and distancing themselves of and from their current reality.

All in the name of connection and validation.  For that opportunity to be heard, for the possibility to leave our mark upon this world.

As our opportunity for connection has expanded virtually, our present connection can be stifled as we struggle more with our face to face reality.

As leaders…

Awareness of this is paramount.  Awareness of the power that connection wields in our teams and organizations.  People want to make a difference.  They want to know that they work they do counts, it means something.   We are intrinsically motivated to know that what we do makes a difference.  In our relationships, in our family, in our teams, and in our organizations.  And when those connections do not exist, people will only last so long before checking out or moving on.

Disconnection eventually leads to dysfunction.

Which means a leader has to be able to create connection, to keep people plugged into the team, the organization, the mission, the vision, and their part in the puzzle.  When people feel that they are not being heard, when they can’t find their place, they begin to pull the plug, to disconnect from the process.  Which eventually leads to dysfunction as those within the organization begin to check out.

Leaders have to understand how each person plug’s in, how their part supports and adds to the whole.  Transformational leader’s find ways to create connection, at all levels.  And when that happens, that validation feeds into commitment and motivation.

And isn’t that all that each person really wants anyways…

A chance to be heard, to matter, to be able to give their all to an organization that gives back to them, to be part of something bigger than themselves, to be part of something life changing.

To have the opportunity to be a piece of that puzzle…

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