Five C’s: Creating A Committed, Dynamic Organization

Leaders need to intentionally create opportunities for connection and relationship to occur, otherwise, authentic community will fail to exist.

In much the same way that leadership is an art, it is also a science…

Whether unleashed as a wide open, blank canvas or implemented as a structured, scope and sequence, momentum and movement lie at the heart of the matter.  Action and forward movement serve as core tenets for progress.

Observant leaders recognize that when they allow their organizations to drift out into the pools of stagnation, they will eventually sink into irrelevancy.

Which is why, whether in the art or the science of leadership, dynamic organizations require flow.  Just as momentum demands it.

To obtain that flow, the 5 C’s become vital, necessary steps to creating a committed and dynamic organization.

Culture.  Climate.  Community.  Connection.  (Capacity).

Five C’s that serve leadership as building blocks for creating organizational flow.  All of which must be pushed out intentionally and purposefully.

Understanding that…

You can’t set the tone and climate of your organization without first attending to the culture.  Once a conducive climate and culture have settled into the organization, building community with intentional opportunities for connection and relationship-building become necessary for community to flourish.  And with culture, climate, community and connection in place, an organization has created an environment which allows leadership to invest in building and expanding the capacity of those within.

In a time when leadership knowledge and best practices are no longer hidden commodities to be held close to the chest, rather the 5 C’s provide rare advantage to creating organizational momentum and flow.  As well as creating an environment where connections and relationships are valued.

Which is why it remains vital to leaders to understand that…

Creating community is an intentional act, as leaders we need to not only understand how to create it, but the kind we are trying to create.


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