Leadership: The Journey…

Sometimes we embark on the journey not knowing where it will take us, understanding that the journey itself may be more important than the destination.

Many of the battlefronts we fight and face with our leadership never move beyond our own internal boundaries.  They are the battles that we fight within.  An internal compass that we ourselves control.

Which is often fraught with fear. 

Fear of…

  • our own internal and external limitations
  • of perceptions
  • of not knowing

If we have…

  • the ability
  • the knowledge
  • the courage.

A leaders battlefront is often staged mentally, fought within.  Which is why the journey is so important.

It is in the journey that we gain our legs.  The journey is where we build our stamina and garner the strength required for the mental and physical toll that each leader must pay.

Leadership courage often resides in overcoming ourselves and our self-imposed limitations…in creating our mental will.  A mental will that allows us to overcome ourselves and that inner voice that holds us back.

The leadership journey requires…

Reflection.  Connection.  Interaction.  Collaboration.  Introspection.  Progression.

A journey that provides the impetus for…

Creation.  Innovation.  Evolution.  Transformation.

A journey of progression, a mental revolution.  One of which we leave behind a littered path of mental abandonment.

A journey of loss…

And a journey of gain.

Leadership is not forged in the cut and dried, the this or that, black or white…rather, it is honed within those many shades of grey we face/


2 thoughts on “Leadership: The Journey…

  1. Thanks for this timely post-
    I am preparing to embark on an important leadership journey. These are grounding, grounded and wise insights, that I will keep in mind.

    I would add that the leadership journey at its best, is also a journey of Co-creation- a journey of bringing people in, of engaging diverse views and perspectives- toward a shared vision and common goals. A journey that enlists the many, diverse stakeholder voices to contribute meaningfully in the creation of a broad, inspiring path forward- toward “Creation. Innovation. Evolution. Transformation.”

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughtful reflections.

  2. Nice post, David. This really resonates with me because most of my work starts out as a big idea and then I call upon my staff to work with me to figure out the details as we go along. My superintendent, Chris Smeaton @cdsmeaton refers to it as “building the airplane while its in flight.” I truly believe, that in this time of exponential change, that this is the most effective form of leadership. You, my friend, appear to apply this philosophy very effectively. Keep up the great work.

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