The Four I’s Of Affective Leadership

The legacy we leave behind is more than the impression created by our impact, rather it is found in the still depths of the imprint we leave on those we connect with and how we determine to fill those still depths.

We have been led to believe that leadership is Influence.  And very well it is.  It is that and much, much more.

It is Influence, Impact, Impressions, and Imprints.  Each affecting the other…

When our leadership is not mindful, we often fail to recognize that our influence has an impact, creating an impression, an imprint upon those we serve and the organizations we lead.  Mindful leaders acknowledge the power of that impact and stay attuned and vigilant to the impression it creates.

Attuned to our words.  Our actions.  What we model.  What we fail to model.

Understanding the ramifications of our leadership…

To make the most of our influence and impact, leaders have the tendency to place well-intentioned efforts into accomplishments.  On what we can achieve and attain.

Unfortunately, what we fail to understand about our leadership encompasses a much greater impact than the sum of any accomplishment or accolade that could ever be reached…

The Four I’s of LeadershipInfluence, Impact,  Impressions, Imprints

Which resides in what we give, not what we achieve.  The impression of our influence and the impact is found when we invest ourselves in and for the benefit and betterment of those we lead.  It is here that we fill the imprint and impression of our leadership.  When we invest deeply in the success and growth of others.

When leaders create access, when they pour themselves out and into others, they open the door to expanding their influence and impact.

Whereas, when we don’t provide access.  When we fail to invest in others.  Our impression and imprint is just that, a hollow space we’ve placed upon others.

Leaders who make a lasting impression and imprint are the ones that choose to invest in us.

Our imprint and how we fill it is the crux of what leadership should be about.  Our leadership should transcend beyond ourselves to grow others.  To  take what we’ve been given and pass it on to others.

Our responsibility is to allow others to stand on our shoulders as we have stood on the shoulders of those who mentored and supported us.

One stone dropped in the water creates a ripple, while a handful creates a wave.  Whereas, when your leadership is self-focused, your ripple will tend to quickly fade away.  Allow your leadership to create the wave… 


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