Is Your Leadership A Wreck?

Is your leadership a wreck?  An accident waiting to happen?

Is the intense gaze of those you lead held from influence?  Or fueled by a strange allure to having front row seats for the impending collision that is hurtling your way?

We have a strange fascination and curiosity when it comes to accidents.  Whether it’s a car crash or a train wreck.  It seems to be built into our very nature to take a look, to see what happened.  Like passing by a mirror…we just have to sneak a peak.  It is one of those odd features we find difficult to explain and understand.

Which is why much of the traffic and congestion we experience has less to do with the accident itself, than it does with the allure of seeing what happened.  To catch a glimpse.

And if we are not careful, our leadership becomes that car crash or train wreck.  The watching eyes have less to do with our leadership influence and more to do with a fascination of what is to come…

When leaders are neither reflective or others-centered…they lack self and organizational awareness.  They are not cognizant or conscious of the calamity that they have created.  Often leaving others to provide clean up and repair in the aftermath of their poor leadership direction and decisions.

Which is why emotional intelligence remains critical to modern day leadership…

When leaders concentrate on increasing their EQ, their level of emotional intelligence…they enable the skills that allow them to avoid the crashes and wrecks that can stall their leadership.  Self awareness and social skills serve as just two of those EQ tools that can be learned to enhance and increase your leadership capacity.

When leaders choose not to improve – to not continuously increase their skill set – they open themselves up to those collisions, crashes, and wrecks that others so readily see coming.  Leaders who remain learners increase their capacity to influence and lead effectively.

When leaders choose the wrong route, they often become visual fodder for their fascinated followers that can’t avoid the view of the impending collision bearing down upon them.

Ultimately, we have two choices, two routes…which will you choose?


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