Leadership: Driving (Out) Miscommunication

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”  -James Humes

Communication serves as the cornerstone of any leader’s ability to create and maintain influence, impact, and significance.  It is the brush that paints the bold strokes of a vivid and radiant picture of the future.  A finely-tuned instrument that amplifies and echoes a song that resonates throughout the minds and souls of the organization.  A delicate tool that gently chisels, sculpts, and shapes direction, creating alignment and foundations.

Whereas, the communication pulpit bestowed into the wrong hands can cause dissonance, discord, and disharmony. More harm than good.  More chaos than clarity.  A platform for unpainting the picture, dismantling progress and momentum, and erasing the vision of the future.  A grand venue to drive miscommunication and misalignment across the organization.

When communication fails, stalls, or lacks clarity…the results can be devastating.  Rumors, gossip, misunderstandings, and erroneous information can create confusion and chaos…running rampant across the organizational landscape.  Leaving those within caught up in a web riddled with misinformation and anxiety, eventually leading to an ineffective and unproductive workforce.

Which is why a leader needs to vigilantly and reflectively tend to and monitor the effectiveness of their communication.  Creating organizational clarity by constantly stamping out the murmurs of misconceptions and misinformation.  Driving out miscommunication that unsettles and agitates, stirring up turmoil and turbulence.

When communication fails a leader, it can have devastating effects on their leadership and their organization.  Which is why a leader must closely monitor the causes of communication failures, such as;

  • Communication fails to exist.
  • Communication fails to hit its mark.
  • Communication fails to provide clarity. 
  • Communication fails to match up to the audience.

Communication is a leadership necessity and responsibility.  When utilized effectively and consistently, it will positively influence their leadership and the organization.

And when it fails, when it misses its mark, it can have long and far reaching effects of monumental proportions for the leader and their organization.

Always remember, when it comes to communication…serve it well and it will serve you back.


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