The Three Words

“We can’t, because… is the point where we allow the structures in the system to impede ideas and progress – the point where thoughts of change slowly dissolve.”

We have all been there.  Committee after committee.  Meeting after meeting.  Innovative idea after idea.  Round and round we go…

…Only to end up right back where we started.  And why?

Three words.

Three words that put the halt to the new, the innovative, to change.

“We can’t, because…”

And when those three words pierce the air…you can almost feel the pinprick.  Almost feel the air whoosh out of the bubble.  Popped.  Deflated.

Heads hang in resignation.  Collaboration stalls.  New ideas no longer surface.  Any hint of excitement abates.  Business as usual is back on the table.

And it only takes three words, “We can’t, because…”

Three words is all it takes, unless…

The leader is willing to push past.  To ask why?  Or, why not?  To push past…the obstacles, the structures, the system.  The very things that give rise to the three words.  The very things that create business as usual.

As a leader.  As a change agent.  The next time you hear, “We can’t, because…”  It may be time to ask, Why?  Or, Why not?


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