The Other Side Of Why

“The dew of compassion is a tear.”  -Lord Byron

As leaders we spend a great deal of time determining the why

For our organizations, for those we lead, and for ourselves.  It might be considered one of the most important things we do as leaders.  Our why serves at the core of all that we do.  It solidifies our commitments.  It is often the sole motivator that provides momentum to keep us ambling towards the finish line.

When have clarity around our why, we create a different level of commitment.  One that taps into our heart and motivates us intrinsically to do and be better.  And while it seems such a simple concept, it can be quite elusive.  So elusive that some never quite find their why

Which is why leadership matters…matters deeply.

For there is another side to why.  A darker side.  A why that we will never understand.  The why that stands behind all of the pain, tragedy, suffering, and devastation of this world.  A why that shakes us to our very core.  A why that taps into that core in a much different way.

why that never provides answers, only questions.  A why that is often unimaginable and difficult to fathom.  A why that often etches itself in the very depths of our soul – racking us to our very core – often in anguish and empathy.

It is in the very midst of the dark side of why that clarity arises.  Clarity that speaks to the very foundation of either side of why.  And it is found in love.

And it is out of love – on either side of why – that leaders must arise as pillars of strength and support.

To lead us through those things that don’t make sense, that we will never understand.  To carry us forward when we can’t go any further.  It is here that love exists.  The kind of love that changes the world.

When love exists…for what we do, for those in our life, our community, our society, our world, and those we lead and serve – we create an environment that allows for compassion, empathy, caring, and grace to flourish.

A world that makes much better sense.

A world where love, compassion, and empathy fill a void where answers do not exist.

A world where love is not such a difficult word to utter.


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