Trust: It’s Not Just A Buzzword

Trust is one of those words that gets thrown around quite frequently these days, to the point that its true depth and importance to growing and nurturing successful relationships and organizations is often lost. Without it, relationships and organizations often grind down into dysfunction, support and teamwork are often replaced with personal agendas, doubt, suspicion, fear, and distrust that disable the momentum and effectiveness of your relationships, teams and organizations.

When we as leaders fail to see and understand the importance of building trust with those we lead, we run the risk of losing the confidence of those we serve. A confidence that is easily broken if not nurtured and fed. Understanding that trust serves as a foundation for our leadership will increase our ability to create strong and successful relationships and organizations. The avoidance of many leaders to make themselves vulnerable and real to those they lead can inhibit their ability to sustain trusting relationships in their organizations.

Our leadership literature abounds with the many ways we can build and lose trust in our relationships, teams, and our organizations, whether it is a 10 step process, 6 vital ways, or an 8 point plan, the strategies are all there. However, we often fail to recognize one vital component that will lie at the core of your ability to build trust with those you lead…

Are you for me?

Those four words lie at the heart of your trust-building efforts. Everything hinges on those four words. People have to know that you are for them before they are willing to trust you. If you want those you lead to follow you, make sure they know that you are for them!


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